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Always open Open to all

Rosti is the farm of the good flavors, of the genuineness and conviviality. It’s no coincidence that we chose for social tables, the garden for eating out and chatting, and above all the food which reminds us of familiar feels. During good weather we open soon, for an outdoor “second breakfast” at 11am, under the trees of our garden or inside the halls, surrounded by the kitchen’s aromas. In this period of the year, Rosti is in full swing with the aperitif time and the dinners just taken out of the oven or the grill from 6pm to 2 am. On Saturday and Sunday, our Grandma’s Lunch starts at 12pm. The playground, the vegetable garden and the bocce court follow the same opening times.

The Rotisserie, the bar and the open-plan kitchen

Rosti’s central hall is the real “cooking-lab”, the triumph of roasts, yeast products, grills, of the brick-oven for our pizza and of the long bar-counter, short, central and made of bardiglio marble, as you can imagine it in the ‘700, and especially of the huge Girol: a two square meters retro-style grill-roaster which results in high quality food and makes this restaurant characterized by this particular way of cooking both meat and vegetables, non-stop from 11am to 2 am. Who is going to eat in the right hall, will be in company with our cooks working in the nearby open-plan kitchen, thanks to a two square meters glass.

Agricultural research and democratic kitchen

The research conducted in the last two years in agricultural and livestock holdings of the Lazio and Tuscany area, allowed Marco Gallotta – who supervises Rosti’s kitchen and selects the farms - to guarantee high quality organic products to his costumers at a low price. The meat is provided only by one livestock, the Aia della Colonna farm; the chickens come from the farm Fattoria La Fornace as well as the free-range eggs. Vanda and Francesco, greengrocers from our same neighborhood, Pigneto, help us with fruits and vegetables.



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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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