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A festive atmosphere in the garden

A beautiful 700 square meter garden open all year round, a place where you can have breakfast, read a book sipping Rosti’s freshly extracted juice drinks, have dinner enjoying the coloured garden lights, the lemon trees, the laurel, the cedar trees, the flowering apple tree, paulownia, ginkgo biloba, the basil and marjoram aromas. It will be a pleasure to enjoy the scents of our orchard all day long, from breakfast to after dinner time, through lunch and aperitif time.
This is not all, we also have reserved an area of the garden for our baby-customers,  a specially equipped playground. Our customers can enjoy and relax in the garden while watching their children play safely. We cater for our baby-customers with a special kids menu: a mini hamburger with bio fruit juices.
In certain periods of the year our playground becomes a professionally supervised entertainment center where children can spend time playing and join the school for small chefs.



A dedicated area

Enojoy your outdoors dinner

Surrounded by nature

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